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VeryCreative team

Customers don’t reach us because we are used to develop mediocre web solutions. We are an ambitious, transparent and extremely talented web design team that always manages to build long-term relationships through efficient strategies and measurable results.

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  • Florin CEO
  • Marian Manager
  • Bogdan Senior Developer
  • Oana Senior Developer
  • Sammy Web Developer
  • Alex Senior UX/UI Designer
  • Bogdan Web Designer
  • Gabriela Senior Web Designer
  • Demi Senior UX/UI Designer
  • Vlad Print/Web Designer
  • Anca Social Media Specialist
  • Cristian Marketing Manager
  • Vladislav Web Developer
  • Stefan SEO Specialist
  • Radu Web Developer
  • Liviu PPC Specialist
  • Minela Alexandra Tester/ PM Assistent
  • Cristian Claudiu Web Developer
  • Lorand Front End Developer
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