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Cottage Rental

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VeryCreative Agency created for Cottage Rental an astonishing website that with every click sends you in a mini vacation. Cottage Rental is an online service that helps you find the perfect location for a lovely vacation.


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Our first discussion with the Cottage Rental team went really great because of the way they described their business sent us in a mini mental vacation. We were hypnotized with the locations they described us, that we thought that the best way is to create a website so wonderful that the user should feel in vacation only by scrolling on it.


While we focused on the visual part of the website, we also thought of the facts that the website should be user-friendly. And because of that, we picked WordPress as the platform we should put the base of the site. The logo is the image of the Cottage Rental brand. It matches very well with the first page of the website, fact that helps with the construction of the visual identity.

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